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Eunyul Natural Moisture Mask Pack

Eunyul Natural

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Eunyul Natural Moisture Mask Pack | Face Mask
Suitable for all skin types

Product highlight

1. Various Choices Natural Pack
- Deliver vital nutrients and moisture according to different skin types.

2. Daily pack 15 minutes
- 1 pack daily, giving you healthy skin with the natural ingredients.

3. Plenty of essences SHEET
- Gentle skin care with high adhesive mask sheet with sufficient essence.

* Aloe Vera
Skin soothing + moisture supply

* Vitamin
Vitamin supply + skin texture improvement
DE Vice Skin Care
* Snail
Skin protection + moisture supply

* Pearl
Radiance + skin texture improvement

* Honey
Moisture + Nutrition supply

* Cucumber
Moisture supply + water balance

* Collagen
Skin Vitality + Energizing

* Green Tea
Skin Calming + Soothing

* Coenzyme Q10
Moisture Supply + Skin Brightening

* Horse Oil
Skin protection + Moisture supply

* Hyaluron
Moisture supply + Skin elasticity

* Avocado
Moisture supply + Radiance

* Blueberry
Intense Moisture + Clear Skin

* Pomegranate
Youthful Vitality + Skin Radiance